We provide planning, design, consultancy and R&D services in acoustics and media technology since 2005. We have a large pool of partners of companies, individual researchers, laboratories and universities worldwide.

Design, planning and consultancy

  • architectural acoustics, building acoustics, sound isolation and insulation
  • room acoustics design and advanced measurement and modeling services
  • electroacoustic design
  • noise and vibration control

Academic research

Our core competences include consulting and academic research related to the following topics

  • media informatics
  • indoor and outdoor acoustics
  • numerical simulation methods
  • digital signal processing and analysis

Engineering and development services

With focus on digial signal processing, our engineering and design service include

  • hardware and software development
  • algorithm design and prototyping
  • sound signal processing and analysis
  • room acoustic measurements and survey, evaluation and consultation
  • acoustical simulations and evaluation
  • acoustical measurements and instrumentation
  • high resolution multi-channel recording and restoration
  • sound sampling and sample library development, sound design
  • next-generation sound systems
  • multimodal interfaces, integrated projects and seamless engineering and interface design

We also provide services in media content authoring and analysis, as well as custom engineering developents.